15 Hours

Board Training

10 Hours

PMI Training

5 Hours



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The Flight Instructor Rating – Instrument Training Endorsement (FIR-IR) can be held on a Commercial Pilot License.

The training for the Flight Instructor Rating – Instrument Training Endorsement, must be thorough, professional and taught by industry experts. A flight instructor is a professional pilot and standards of training required are very high. Aircraft Australia provides in house training and testing for all categories of ratings including the Flight Instructor Rating – Instrument Training Endorsement.

The Flight Instructor Rating – Instrument Training Endorsement course can be started anytime, individually or with a group. There are no course start dates for our courses as we understand applicants will have other commitments such as work and family. A full time course will run for approximately one week, Monday to Friday.

Course Breakdown

The course breakdown is as follows;

  1. 15 Hours of Board Training (Aerodynamic and Lesson Content)
  2. 10 Hours of legislation and Principles and Methods of Instruction (PMI) Training
  3. Access to a highly comprehensive Learning Management System
  4. 5 Hours Flight Time C172, 5 Hours Simulator
  5. Flight Test – Aeroplane hire, and test fee included

For the FIR-MEA, the Course Cost is $6,999 including GST.


  • Commercial or air transport pilot licence with the aeroplane category rating

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