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Our fleet comprises of many different types of aircraft. Our skilled instructors will be able to facility the desired training you require. All payments are conducted at the end of each flight. 

 CategoryTAS (KTS)Dual (VDO) (RPL, PPL, CPL)Dual (VDO) (NVFR, IFR, FIR, LL, FF)Solo (VDO)Private Hire (VDO)
Inc. GSTInc. GSTInc. GSTInc. GST
C172 CessnaIFR105$393.00$428.00$317.00$292.00
C182 CessnaNVFR130$429.00$457.00$373.00$328.00
C210 CessnaNVFR150$555.00$590.00N/A$465.00
C310 CessnaIFR170$729.00$729.00N/A$609
PA28 CherokeeIFR105$393.00$428.00$317.00$292.00
P68B PartenaviaIFR135$696.00$711.00N/A$598.00
B55 BaronIFR170$729.00$729.00N/A$609.00
B58 BaronIFR170$959.00$959.00N/A$889.00
PA31 NavajoIFR180$949.00$949.00N/A$825.00
Boeing 737 Sim – UncertifiedN/AN/A$199.00$199.00N/A$99.00
Elite Sim (CASA certified)N/AN/A$105.00$125.00N/A$65.00
Briefings Per HourN/AN/A$85.00$85.00N/AN/A
Instructor Hire – Own AircraftN/AN/A$105.00$105.00$75.00N/A

Test Fees

Tests are conducted in house as a method of ensuring the highest standards between instructional staff and examiners.

The company policy is that if a student fails a test and receives future training, the second test is conducted at the dual training rate. This policy is at the sole discretion of the examiner.

Flight Test TypeFlight Test FeeBooking FeeTotal
Instructor Rating (All Types)$990$990
ME Class$770$770
Initial Instrument Rating SE/ME; IPC SE/ME, ME/SE IR RENEWAL $990$990
Level 6 English$100$100

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